• The Vintage Brands – Style You Need

    These are the bike marques that define cafe racing. Put on a shirt dude.

  • The Cafe Racer seat for your EVO-powered Sportster

    CR-0700 is the part number you’re looking for if you want to fit some fiberglass to your 1986 – 2003 sporty. This seat pan fits to your frame very much like a Corbin gunfighter, pieces of which were a basis for the mold. This does not “fit like a glove” on the newer 2004 and …

  • Triumph Bonneville Seat Cowl

    Back around 2001, before we saw a proper Thruxton, the new Bonneville came out, and we said…whoa…if we made a cowl for that, it would look like a sweet cafe racer. And it does. The part is CR-0600, and is fiberglass-only, you will have to figure out mounting on your own. But you’re handsome and resourceful, …

  • Triumph “Hooligan smooth” Rear Fender

    CR-0620 is the part for that modified smooth rear fender hangin’ out under the cowl. It gets rid of those convoluted stock fender indentions for that “baby butt” feel.