RIWI Bike Products
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Richard Wibmer's RIWI Bike Products is located in Innsbruck Austria.


A closer view of the linkage system.

Stable wheel control and responsive for outstandingly handling
Anti-dive system
Braking system with modern delay-free segmented brake disc
320mm diameter provides extremely effective braking,
fine control and precise pressure point location
2 one-piece 4 piston brake calipers
Wheel with CNC-milled star spokes (rim size 17 x 3.5 inches)
Damper with 120mm suspension travel, adjustable compression
and rebound damping
Individual adaptation for headlights and instruments

Delivery specification:
Single arm suspension with steering-axle (the original steering head bearings are retained) Front-Fender with Adapter
Short-Swing, Segment-brake disc, 2 brake calipers with fittings
Anti-dive system, 3-spoke compound wheel (without tyre)
Paintwork to customer's requirements
6 piston brake calipers on request

Time to install is about 4-5 hours.
All parts are complete premounted.