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Designed to fit our tailsection molds exactly:

CR-0220 is the pan for our BMW seats both Knoscher (CR-0200) and Bushong (CR-0240) models. Add high-density foam and upholstery. Mount to tailsection with Christmas trees or marine grade velcro.

CR-0660 is the pan designed to fit our tailsection mold exactly for both our Honda CB400(CR-0030) and CB500/550 (CR-0040) models as well as the Blade (CR-0040-Blade) seat.

CR-0770 is designed to fit our tailsection mold exactly for our Honda (1969-1976) CB750 (CR-0020) model.

Shipping in the US is included, but international buyers will be billed for the following additional costs: Canada will be an additional $16.95 USD, and all other countries will be an additional $24 USD.

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BMW Knoscher/Bushong, CB400/CB500/Blade, CB750


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