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  1. Although definitely not a cafe racer product, the dual sport/enduro soft saddlebag from VikingBags is a product that fits many of the needs that those of us with multiple steeds in the garage can use.
    So…as I unwrap the enduro saddlebags from vikingbags, I think to myself…”Will this finally turn my nimble Colorado singletrack Honda CRF250X into that cool new Rally ADV bike?”

    Probably not, but it WILL give you a sturdy, out of the way, good looking storage for all the stuff you may need on those longer rides.

    CRF250x, Vikingbags enduro bag and flight vest

    I typically wear an overloaded Ogio flight vest when I ride the Colorado mountains, and it’s great, but it was really nice to be able to offload tools, an extra gatorade, an extra aluminum canister of gas and still have plenty of room (IN THE FIRST SADDLEBAG!

    These things are bigger than they look, too. I’m not going to get all pythagorean on you and figure out what the volume of this wompyjawed triangle is, but at 13 inches long by 7 inches tall and 3.5 stated inches expanding to 6 inches deep, you can fit quite a bit of kit in there.

    Rain jacket/shell – check
    Tool kit – check
    Extra gas – check
    Extra tire tube – check
    Extra water bladder (full!) or gatorade – check
    Food bars – check
    Bicycle tire pump – check

    Vikingbags Enduro saddlebag on CRF250X

    The zippers are sturdy, and the cordura fabric has a stout denier. There are plenty of straps for attachment. They have a lined inner main pouch as well as on the right hand side a separate smaller pocket (think smartphone and or wallet). I’m not sure about water resistance as I didn’t test that by dumping into the Platte River, but I think it would do okay in a short downpour of rain.

    For a compact and inexpensive addition that takes no time to put on and take off, it’s a winner. Your wallet and your shoulders will thank you.

    Vest and Saddlebag

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