Triumph Thruxton Replica CafeRacer Kit
For 2001 and Newer Triumph Bonnevilles

Rear Fender, Front Fender, and Solo Seat Cowl

Build a modern classic Triumph Cafe Racer!

CafeRace, Inc ( is pleased to announce their Thruxton replica Cafe Racer kit. Designed for 2001 and newer Triumph Bonnevilles, you can now achieve a vintage look or mimic the newer 2004 Thruxton with your standard Bonnie.

NewBonneville, L.L.C (, a dealer for the kit provided this bike depicting all the parts fitted to their "Hooligan Bonnie" a 2002 Bonneville. A Solo seat cowl that can fitted directly over your standard Triumph Bonneville seat. It's easily removable so you can ride two-up at a moment's notice.
The front and rear fenders are derived from original equipment and are compatible with your existing lights and mounting points.

Delivered in hard-shell white gel-coat, ready for primer and paint, the cowl includes mounting brackets, but will require paint.

Rear Fender MSRP is $110

Front Fender MSRP is $89

Seat Cowl MSRP is $139

Thruxton Replica Complete Kit Price $325


The new Triumphs are super reliable and now they can be sexy too!

The Triumphs from the 50s, 60s and 70s are getting quite hard to find, but luckily Triumph has given the world a modern rendition of a classic. The Triumph Bonneville T100, re-introduced in 2001 is great fodder for a cafe racer project.

What's a café racer?

Basically, back in the London of the 50's people used to hang out in Bars/Pubs/Cafe's.

You made your own entertainment then, and one form of that was putting a record on the jukebox, and racing a buddy of yours down the road on your stripped down bike. The point was to get back before your mate AND before the record ended.

The rider didn't really win anything except a cup of Java or a pint and of course bragging rights.

The times have certainly changed but in Britain and especially London the Cafe racer scene is as strong as it ever was.

Cafe Racing essentially means racing from the cafe and back again. It is the ethos of stripped down bikes with clip-on handlebars, solo seats and is the vintage forebear of the modern crotch rocket. It is also one of the few ways, other than customizing a Harley Davidson to create a unique and distinguished looking bike with your own personality. (More affordable too.)


The pre-release photos of the Thruxton

Your existing lights will work, and the mounting points will be exact, but we have shaved the stock fenders down to a much shorter version and removed 3/4 inch from the sides of the rear fender to create a flatter look.


Seat Cowl and Shorty Front and rearfenders

  • This picture depicts the solo seat cowl that can fitted directly over your standard Triumph Bonneville seat. It's easily removeable so you can ride two-up on a moments notice. It also has the very abbreviated shorty front fender and rear fender that will hot rod that new Bonnie!