Terms and Conditions

CafeRace’s fiberglass parts are made to order by expensive American workers living in the expensive state of Colorado. While we understand that the eBay/Amazon age has made everything quite value-less to the consumer, where everything can be magically ordered and returned for free, there is real work and real time that goes into producing parts of this kind. Please review your potential purchase. Look closely at it. Understand what you are buying. If you don’t understand something, ask us questions. We don’t bite. We encourage you to communicate with us by asking questions and sending photos of your project, prior to purchase. Measure twice, cut once, is something that our craftsmen elders used to always say to us. It is advice that has proven beneficial to everyone, time and time again.

Once you purchase our hand-crafted and American made fiberglass part, it belongs to you. If you decide it is not an aesthetic fit for your bike, you have decided you need the money to pay your phone bill, or forgot to ask your significant other for permission, you are welcome to resell it on Craigslist or give it to a friend, or perhaps make an industrial objet d’art, but it cannot be returned here for a refund.

Thanks for understanding…or not…or flaming out in an excited rage.

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