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CafeRace, Inc.feels extremely fortunate that Perry Bushong found us worthy and offered up his re-design of our Knoscher replica for us to market, in fact we are feeling a little like Wayne and Garth right about now. This seat differs only in the rear…

The dimensional picture below is of the original BMW Knoscher Replica, but the fitment dimensions are the same. The key difference is that the rounded section extends past where a bracket and the end of your frame by 3 inches. (There is a bracket included, but not glassed in.) Mounting the Bushong tail still allows for inserting the front tang into the frame backbone tube, but the rear requires that you mount the included bracket where you want it, or bolt the seatpan down in a manner of your choosing.

The product is delivered in hard-shell white gelcoat, ready for primer and paint, includes unattached mounting bracket, but will require either upholstery, or for those of us on a budget and/or wanting to ride more immediately, we offer a 3/4″ foam race pad that is die cut and can be spray glued or velcroed on to the bike. The tail section fits “long frame” R-series bikes like R90/6 and R100/7 from at least 1973 to 1984 like a glove and has been fitted to the R75/5 and R80 as well as BSAs and Honda CB750s with extremely minor trimming. If you are unsure whether or not the seat pan will fit your bike, measure from the frame down tube under the gas tank to the very rear of the frame – our seat is about 30 inches long(plus about two inches of tongue that inserts into the frame under the tank. Total length = 30″ Seat pan width at front = 7.5″ at narrowest Seat pan width at rear = 11″ at widest Seat pan width at point where the vertical bumpstop begins = 11″

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