Large tube (up to 48mm/1.89 inch) Brackets – USA Shipping Included


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Sweetness for your forks. Get a new side-mount headlight and connect it up with these bad boys…These fit almost everything out there vintage British and Japanese to current Harley (39mm Sportster XLCH and 41mm Big Twins) and beyond to the big-tube of modern sportbikes, maxing out at a whopping 48mm tube diameter.

These come with that rubber tube you see in the pics. That serves as a spacer…no space cadet, don’t eat it. Shipping to Canada add $16.95 USD. For all other international locations shipping will be $24.00 USD. If you are purchasing multiple items, the items will be combined when possible into one package and the shipping costs will be calculated based on the size and weight of your package(s). If you are paying with Paypal, please include the cost of shipping for your item(s) in your payment. If you do not include shipping costs in your Paypal payment, we will send you an invoice via Paypal to cover the costs of shipping your order.

Depending on the size of your fork tube, you may need to slice that rubber spacer lengthwise and use a section of it to take up space (thus increasing the diameter) of those tiny, spindly tubes on your vintage bike project. However, if you have a large, strapping modern sportbike kind of tube…this will probably fit. Don’t judge me for lame innuendoes…I write a lot of these and get bored, distracted, and …hey is that a donut?


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