CR-0260-BMW Rockster Race Cowl

This is one of those products that landed in our lap. We didn’t make it originally, and we don’t have a good way to mount it, so it is a buyer’s creative project to mock up the tabs, etc. It looks cool, and cafe racers are resourceful fellows, so it’s generally not a problem, but consider yourself warned…bring your DIY attitude for this one.




Picture of Rockster cowl with tabs placed from the original builder:



CR-0200-BMW Knoscher Replica for R75/R80/R90/R100

The BMW Knoscher Replica race seat for BMW airheads from the 70s and 80s is one of our first products to get marketed, and really fueled the enthusiasm here. We just love this seat and the way that it transforms the bike, which is hands down one of the best motorcycles you can buy…period. The opposable air-cooled boxer engine is like riding on a stukka WWII fighter at it’s best, and at it’s worst….um it doesn’t corner as fast as your GSXR?


Get one now at the CafeRace Parts Store and then go find a bike to put it on.