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  • CafeRace, Inc

    CafeRace, Inc has been providing parts specifically for Cafe Racers for a dozen years or so now. Our parts are either made in Colorado, or chosen from some very cool partners around the world. As much as we love it, if we were financially responsible adults, we would probably be selling iPhones or credit derivatives …

  • Cafe Racer

    A cafe racer is a type of motorcycle and a type of motorcyclist. Both have their roots in the 1960s British counterculture group the Rockers, or the Ton-up boys. In most places the term refers to the specific cycles that were, and still are, used for short, sharp, high-speed trips from one pub or coffee …

  • How it starts…what it looks like

    The Cafe Racer is an expression of your soul…or at least what your soul would look like going fast on two wheels. Oh, and the soul is usually, red, black or hand beaten aluminum.